If you think you may be interested in exploring the possibilities Professional Coaching can deliver, let’s meet for a no obligation discussion and coaching session.  This introductory session can be conducted in-person, phone or video-teleconference. My goal for this first free meeting is for you to experience what is possible through coaching. We can then jointly determine if coaching is right for you.


I use three criteria to ensure my clients will receive value from Smart Summit professional coaching services.  Clients are ideally: 

  1. Facing a significant challenge, opportunity or transition they seek support for.
  2. Willing to be creative, accountable and honest. External shifts require shifts within us.
  3. Prepared to change, take action and follow through on commitments made.


At Smart Summit, coaching is more than an hourly rate.  Rather, it is an investment in a comprehensive and consistent professional connection that encompasses more than discrete sessions. To keep the decision making power in the coaching relationship with you, the client, I do not use long-term contracts.  Smart Summit services are on a month-to-month basis. I  encourage clients to understand that substantive progress in professional coaching is usually a 4-6 month process.  A standard month of Smart Summit Coaching includes: 

  • Two one-hour sessions
  • Two 5-10 minute accountability, support or check-in calls
  • Availability throughout the month by text, phone, email for short engagements.

Additional services to be discussed with the client may include things such as:

  • Assessments (Leadership Profile 360, Hogan, MBTI, Strengths Finder, Five Saboteurs, etc.)
  • Written session reports and captures

You. Are. Ready.